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Customer Support Manager

Amman, Jordan

 The Customer Support Manager will own the responsibilities of managing all the project needs within a Support, Maintenance, and Growth contract with full adherence to SMG processes and promised deliveries for each subscription. The Customer Support Manager will own the responsibilities of managing all the project needs within a Support, Maintenance, and Growth contract with full adherence to SMG processes and promised deliveries for each subscription. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee daily activities of the support team and provide direction and guidance as needed.

  • Build positive and productive working relationships with customers for business growth.

  •  Work on optimizing the delivery of each service needed within an SMG subscription to our customer

  •  Monitoring support tasks, scheduling these tasks, managing support hours for projects in SMG, following up with clients, organizing needed updates.

  • Ensuring that SMG requirements are met for all projects and customers.

  • Planning and implementing Drupal module and security updates on all SMG projects.

  • Responsible for following up on task updates, deadlines; facilitating team members; and supporting project audits.

  • Report status to customers and management on status of projects and tasks.

  • Manage client communication for requirements and tasks.

  •  Manage remote team for monitoring and server uptime based on SLA with customers.

  • Understand customer needs and prioritize them in alignment with proper SLA and urgency of task.

  • Proactively working on tickets for better improvements for customers.

  • Manage clients and third-parties involved in the project to successfully meet milestones.

  • Understand website structure, information architecture and content approach

  • Create, review and analyze task requirements and functionality specifications to understand the requirements of the applications

  • Manage multiple support tasks through estimations, execution, development, QA phase, and deployment.

  • Operate, follow up, and manage projects phases within Vardot processes in agreed upon SLA.

  • Resolve and/or escalate issues in a timely fashion.

  • Monitor project progress by tracking activity; resolving problems; publishing progress reports; recommending actions.

  • Coordinating and leading the work within the team to facilitate the resolution of customer issues, requests, and new tasks. Working it through the triage of ownership.

  • Manage first-level, second-level and third-level support to business users within the team.

  • Working with the team to monitor tasks, progress, releases, incidents handling on JIRA and Zendesk.

  • Manage with the team the Support Handover Checklist and acquire projects from the delivery team.

  • Leading daily standups with the team.

  • Coordinating with Project Managers or Account Managers to hand over projects smoothly into the support team.

  • Develop process improvements to achieve the best overall process within the team and tasks.

  • Evaluate the performance of team members and determine training needs.

  • Coordinating with Account Managers for quotations of tasks or additional requirements from the customer.

  •  Ensure customer satisfaction and stay in a consistent feedback loop with existing customers.

  • Present new ideas, fixes, features to enhance existing relationships.

  • Arrange and participate in client debriefs on a monthly basis for Enterprise clients

Needed Skills for this role:

Communication Skills

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Strong command of English languages in both speaking and writing.

  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills.

  • Delivers engaging, informative, and well-organized presentations.

  • Understands how to tactfully communicate difficult/sensitive information.

  • Comfortable using teleconferencing and web-based technology to communicate with our clients.

Personal Skills

  • Good analytical skills.

  • Good team player.

  • Quick learner and welcomes changes and personal growth.

  • Multitasker with the ability to work under pressure in a quick-changing environment.

  • High capacity for adapting and reporting rules and regulations as per the company policies.

  • Ability to evaluate project quality performance and contribute to advising for better methods and corrective actions.

  • Excellent teamwork, independent decision-making, and written/verbal communication skills.

  • Analytical thinking, creative problem solving, troubleshooting, and attention-to-detail are a must.

Management Skills:

  • Managing and coordinating within a team of developers, testers, and DevOps.

  • High capacity for adapting and reporting rules and regulations as per the company policies.

  • Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

  • Good decision-maker with the flexibility to make quick and effective decisions when needed.

  • Strong command in writing reports using visual elements.

  • Getting Information: Observing, receiving, and otherwise obtaining information from all relevant sources.

Benefits of working at Vardot

A happy team must first be happy!

The perks of being a Vardot employee don't stop at collaborating with great people on exciting and innovative projects. We also offer a full range of benefits that support you.

Multi-Cultural and
Passion-driven Team

With over 5 nationalities we are committed to diversity and promote an inclusive culture that lives up to our values.

Free outings, Cinema,
Bowling and Picnics

Enjoy outings with your colleagues and the bill is covered.

First Class
Medical Insurance

We provide a choice of high- quality health care coverage.

Informal Work Style and Great Culture

We promote a creative environment where there is courage to challenge convention and make bold decisions.We celebrates new ideas, commitment, and individual development.

Yearly Salary Raises, Bonus and Rewards

We value our team contribution and continuously look for ways to reward loyal and hard working team members.

Paid Internship and Certification Programs

We provide adequate internal & external training. Encourage our team to participate and to highlight any gaps in their own skills or knowledge they believe they have.

Social Security

Retirement savings through the Jordanian national social security program.

0% Interest Funding and Loan Program

Through a company-wide fund to support our team member's through small loans at no interest at all.